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Charming Sheep Wall Decals - Pastel

Charming Sheep Wall Decals - Pastel

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Introducing Charming Sheep Wall Decals - Pastel! The perfect way to give your nursery an adorable yet whimsical touch. Cuddle up with these soft pastel sheep, perfect for giving any room a sprinkle of charm and a dash of magic! These playful wall decals make the perfect gift for any new baby or baby shower. Baaa-lieve it or not, your nursery decor game just got shheepishly sweet!

Good to Know:

  • The sheet of decals comes with 3 cute sheep, 3 soft coloured clouds, assorted gold stars and taupe flowers.  
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Damage free
  • Can be used on walls, furniture, appliances, mirrors, etc.
  • Dimensions: 104.1 x 73.7 cm (41″ x 29″)
  • Made in Canada
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