Thinking about Nursery & Decor...

Thinking about Nursery & Decor...

Designing the perfect nursery for a new baby should be an enjoyable task! From the colour scheme to the furniture, many decisions must be made, but the process doesn't have to be overwhelming. By taking your time, you can ensure the room is sweet, tender, and secure, without feeling stress. Relax, embrace the fun, and keep it uncomplicated!  

Babies may be slight, but they can accumulate a wealth of possessions - especially when gifted items from relatives and friends from a baby shower, etc.. To assist in managing storage space and arranging their things, consider the following strategies:

  • Store smaller items in beautifully woven bins or baskets displayed prominently on open shelves.
  • Furnish your nursery with a crib containing built-in compartments for storing baby's belongings, or use baskets and tubs that tuck tidily beneath the frame. You can also use a hanging quilted caddy with pockets for keeping diapers and other essentials.
  • Use drawer dividers in your baby’s dresser to easily sort clothing
  • Keep only what's necessary in your baby's nursery. Store clothes, books, and toys that aren't needed yet in a wardrobe or elsewhere until your little one is ready.
  • As your infant grows and their clothing no longer fits, you can transition used items to a sealed bin. When it's full, you can either save them for another child or donate/sell them.

Setting up a nursery can seem daunting at first, yet all it takes to create a safe and comfortable space for your baby is somewhere for sleeping, feeding, changing, and storing their things. Don't overstress yourself - start with the fundamentals and you'll have plenty of time to perfect it!

Discover items that are both functional and oh-so-cute - perfect for the nursery! Space-saving, storage-creating, charming displays, and just too adorable to resist! Take a peek!



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