Making Bath Time Fun for Toddlers...

Making Bath Time Fun for Toddlers...

Uncover the joy of bath time! Indulge in a world of calm and discover how to navigate this time with ease. Parents everywhere have shared their tips and strategies on everything from getting them into the bath to getting them clean. Make the most out of this moment together, for fun and special family bonding.
Recalling my son's toddler days, each night I'd set out with the same intent: to get clean and ready for bed. Of course, that's a cinch in theory. But with a toddler, the bath is most often perceived as a fun-filled watery playground with toys. Thus, many nights my attempt to facilitate bedtime would go south. To help your child make their transition to night-time peacefully, structure and routine at bath time are key.
Here's where the 4 B's come in - Bath, Brushing, Books and Bed! Establishing a consistent schedule can help your little one regulate their sleep-wake cycle, creating an invaluable sense of comfort and security. Transform bath time into an exciting and inspiring experience for the whole family. 
West Galt Baby Gifts offers a few choice items from our Bath Time Collection.  Any one of these makes bath time fun and enjoyable.

Monster Bath Mitts

       Fun in the bath with these adorable Monster Bath Mitts. Let their imaginations go wild!

Three Bears Washcloths   Three Bears Baby Towel Made for Parents

These adorable 3 Bears Washcloths & Towels are ultra-soft with fun graphics.  The towel is a large wrap-around that attaches to parents for extra safe drying.  It's a favourite!


Little Peanut Elephant Hooded Towel

Toddlers won't wiggle their way out of drying off when they are wrapped up with this Little Peanut Elephant Hooded Towel!  

After Bath Hat

This sweet After Bath Hat is perfect for little wet heads!


Consistency proves key in helping little ones settle down for bed each evening, ultimately providing you with a much-needed respite at the close of a long day. Enjoy the sweet reward of a soothed, clean toddler and your hard-earned break when you make this simple bath change.  Good luck!  I'd love to hear any toddler bath time stories you might want to share!



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