Help! It's Potty Training Time...

Help! It's Potty Training Time...

Trying to recall potty training my son has my head spinning! Living in a two-story townhouse with only one bathroom made for some wild stair-racing to get there in time. But that wasn't even the hard part! Teaching him the habit-forming basics - like flushing, washing hands, and turning off the lights - was like giving orders instead of a fun and friendly reminder.

Kids are ecstatic when they comprehend they can take care of business solo—it's like magic!

These "Potty Training ReStickables" are perfect for stress-free bathroom visits! Wipe-able and relocatable, they keep your tot on track with reminders to flush, wash and switch off the lights - hurrah! Grab this 2-pack and have one in every bathroom. Great for daycare too! No more potty-training pandemonium!

Ahh, the joys of potty training - now I understand why grandparents love visiting: they get to enjoy all the cuteness then jet off home!

Potty Training Restickables



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