Early Learning Is Fun!

Early Learning Is Fun!

Learning is so important at an early age.  As a mom of a Montessori educated child, I value early learning and creative play and continue to be amazed at how effective early learning toys really are.  They are the perfect way to introduce your toddler or preschooler to the world of learning in an enjoyable and engaging manner. With educational toys and tools designed to spark imagination and teach basic concepts such as numbers, shapes, colours, and the alphabet, your child will learn at their own pace and have fun while doing it. 

Learning toys encourage children's development by teaching them new skills and giving them a sense of accomplishment. By mastering new activities and tasks, children will have a feeling of pride and joy in their newfound abilities. Watch your child's confidence and self-esteem blossom!  

Ready to spark a love of learning? West Galt Baby Gifts has toys and tools to get your little one started. From playful puppets to educational puzzles, you'll find the perfect playtime pieces to help your child explore their world! (And let's face it, it can be fun for adults, too!)

Counting Carrots     Early Learning Numbers Chalkboard Puzzle   Early Learning Alphabet Chalkboard

    Colourful Alphabet Blocks Cate & Levi Felt Zoo AnimalsEasy Daysies MY DAY Organizer

  Animal Finger Puppets Potty Training Restickables  Easy Daysies Clothing Restickables




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