Do Teething Coolers Really Work?

Do Teething Coolers Really Work?

A friend and I were chatting while enjoying a coffee at a local coffee shop and somehow our discussion turned into remembering how trying it was going through the teething stage with our children.  We concluded that it's a good thing we don't remember teething when we were little ones!  Sometimes, and it seems to always be at an inconvenient time, teething babies can be the worst.  I felt like I had it a bit easier when my son was a baby as he didn't really have very many terrible teething moments.  I do remember, however, keeping water-filled teethers in the fridge for those painful times when nothing else helped.  Water-filled teethers, or teething coolers as they are also called, really do work!  They instantly soothe the sore gums and the best teethers will have just the right textures that will quickly take your child's mind off of the pain and keep them preoccupied.  I can personally attest to the ability of teething coolers to relieve not only baby's pain but also relieve adult stress! 

I have a few cooling teethers in my shop that work beautifully.  Whenever I need a baby gift for a friend's grandchild or an expectant relative, these teethers are what I always give.  I remember how it helped to have these teethers on hand and available so I know that these types of gifts, the things that parents (and babies) need, are well received and appreciated.  So, the next time you find yourself in need of just the right baby gift, consider giving teething coolers! 

These teething coolers below can be found here in my shop.  Just click on the link under each one to see on the website.

    Baby with Cutie Cooler Teether Cactus

 Cutie Coolers™ Water Filled Teethers - 3 pack

 Chillies Icey Pack Add-On Teether - Blue   Baby with Paci Plushy & Chillies Icey Pack Add-On Teether - Blue

Chillies Icey Pack Add-On Teether


Tropical Keys Teether w/water filled leaf   

 Tropical Keys - Textured Ring with Teether & Rattle





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